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The two were spotted on the terrace of Cafe de Flore, according to photo agency Fame Flynet that secured the photos.

Their long-term relationship made everyone think they would end up marrying.

But, according to People magazine, Mila decided to leave Culkin after realizing that his cocaine addiction was reaching alarming levels. Because of his substance abuse, she decided to go separate ways.

You couldn't walk down the street with him," Kunis said. Fans responded in a very abnormal way to him." star is now happily married to Kutcher, years after the two played boyfriend and girlfriend in the Fox series when they were still teenagers.

"He always had this weird attraction, like fans just screamed when they saw him. There was no love at first sight, she said, and back then, she never even thought about Kutcher being handsome.

Four days later, the couple got cozy at the historic Café de Flore on the Boulevard Saint-Germain.

The pair spent two hours at a table with four friends as they smoked cigarettes and sipped Champagne at the nightspot where famed lovers such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir once rendezvous’d.They have the air of being very much in love.” But what really turned heads was how much the unidentified beauty looked like Culkin’s ex Mila Kunis, whom he dated for eight years before splitting in 2011.(Kunis has since found love with Ashton Kutcher, who just finalized his divorce from Demi Moore.) “She really resembles Mila,” says the eyewitness.Well, Brangelina may be over, but the A-list couple's television equivalent is still going strong.Sources say Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting their second child together, and it seems that like their physical appearances, their family is soon to embody some sort of classic American ideal.Both Mila and the 35-year-old actor kept their romance really private.

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