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Of the victims, 804 were civilians, foreign nationals or others not on active duty, the report said.The service status of 39 victims was not available.

WASHINGTON – The Senate approved a fiscal 2017 defense policy bill Tuesday after skipping votes on several major amendments, including a proposal by New York Sen.

Kirsten Gillibrand to transfer from commanders to military prosecutors decisions on whether to prosecute military sexual assault cases.“That we have 20,000 survivors of sexual violence and the Congress can’t allow for a vote is just a reflection of the (Defense Department's) unwillingness to tackle this issue effectively and to accept the fact that they have a huge problem,’’ Gillibrand said in an interview after the 85-13 vote on the defense bill.

But files from 81 of those cases from the Army and Marine Corps, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, showed “over two-thirds were not sexual assault cases,” according to Protect Our Defenders.

The defendants instead faced other charges such as “indecent acts or possession of child pornography.”The group was unable to obtain all 93 of the case files because the Navy said it didn’t keep that type of documentation.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Mc Cain, R-Ariz., said he opposed the proposal but believed it deserved debate and a vote."It is a serious issue of the utmost importance to the military,'' he said.

Gillibrand said she still hopes to meet with President Obama to persuade him that change is needed."Three years ago (he) said that he wanted to see real reform done in a year’s time,'' she said.

“Yet these referrals are routinely depicted as refusals, leaving the impression the charges would not have been pursued had military authorities not stepped in.”One example cited by the AP involved a case at Fort Drum in northern New York.

Military chiefs have ordered troops to use gender-neutral words in a bid to avoid upsetting women and minority groups.

Instead of 'sportsmanship' members of the force are encouraged to say 'fairness'.

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