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The daughter received a punishment of 15 years behind bars, plus an additional four years on an unrelated charge.

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The mom-and-daughter team worked their con with fraudsters in Nigeria, wiring most of the stolen money to them and keeping a cut for themselves, authorities said.

Over three years, the women defrauded more than 300 people around the world.

Tracy Vasseur, 40, and mom Karen, 74, were sentenced Wednesday to lengthy prison sentences, authorities announced.

service members, a Colorado mother and daughter stole more than $1 million and broke hearts around the world scamming unsuspecting women in an Internet dating scheme.

Devastated to discover that she was expected to share her own mother's husband, she says, "My mother already had two children with him.

I wanted a husband of my own." The situation was doubly unjust in Orola's eyes because ethnic Mandi women usually choose their own partners.

"I was excited about finding the right man," says Orola.

In recent years, many observers assumed the mother-daughter marriage custom had died out.

Catholic missionaries have converted 90 percent of the tribe's 25,000 Bangladeshi members, and many once-accepted Mandi practices are now taboo.

These include the rare custom of "groom kidnapping," in which Mandi women abduct potential husbands.

As a child in rural Bangladesh, Orola Dalbot, 30, liked growing up around her mother's second husband, Noten. "I hoped I'd find a husband like him." When she hit puberty, however, Orola learned the truth she least expected: She was already Noten's wife.

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