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Voit myös vapauttaa Flashin painamalla selaimen oikeassa yläkulmassa olevaa "puzzle" -kuvaketta.

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Kristen Stewart knotted up her shirt on the way into a studio in Santa Monica today.

Still a tomboy, Kristen is also looking like quite the little sex pot — especially after her steamy photo shoot for Allure and her belly baring shirt yesterday.

I respect him as a person because he is very sweet and very open.

I’m a sorceress, and a sorceress works during the night. I’m happy to work with him because I respect him as an actor, and he is a very nice person.

And by people I mean my therapist." Indeed, researchers have actually studied this topic.

A Guttmacher report speculated that, based on research over time, the scandal "may have been a turning point in conceptualizations of oral-genital contact." It went so far as to term this shift "the Clinton-Lewinsky effect."It wasn't just watching the president of the United States engaging in hair-splitting arguments over the definition of "sexual relations," either.

It's been days since her morning goodbye from Rob after the MTV Movie Awards, but there's still a bit of a glow about her, right?

I was browsing one of the many kitschy, off-color shops on San Francisco’s Pier 39 when a shirt caught my eye.

Because of the scandal, “Jessica” tells me, “I learned at 13 that everyone has sex, everyone lies about sex and that most men usually cheat.” In her case, this was actually comforting news: Her father and stepfather had been unfaithful, and suddenly it seemed a normal problem to have.

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