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“There’s so much tradition and history at these places.When the scenery’s particularly impressive, we certainly take a moment to appreciate it.” With college bowl season in full swing, he shares some travel-worthy venues for next season with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.“The natural beauty of Boise itself is on display just right outside.

Sometimes the most memorable part of a football game has nothing to do with the action on the field.

College stadiums are often attractions themselves, says ESPN announcer Adam Amin, who has visited hundreds of campuses during his career, and posts the best on Instagram.

Napa Memorial Stadium (Napa, Calif.) Known as the Fenway Park of Northern California prep football stadiums, the grandstands surrounding the field may be the steepest you'll ever see.

And with no running track as well, the atmosphere for big games when Napa High and Vintage High are playing is electric. Throw in the two Quonset huts on one end with trees on the other and Napa Memorial becomes very tough to beat.

But Amin remembers the arena glowing at sunset with desert light.

“It set perfectly over the end zone and made a really nice picture.” But if you want the experience, go soon.

The field will be replaced soon when the Rebels begin playing in a new domed coliseum it will share with the NFL’s Raiders, who are relocating from Oakland.

Faurot Field University of Missouri, Columbia Many football stadiums don’t really have a sense of place, Amin says, but Mizzou is an exception. There’s blue skies and trees, and it’s essentially in the middle of the campus.” Plus, there’s the story of the rock “M” in the northern end zone, built in 1927 by freshmen with materials leftover from the stadium’s construction.

The Oakland Raiders have a preseason event at Napa Memorial every summer.5.

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