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See, when I’m reading scripture, I don’t just read that one section.

Perhaps the biggest problem I find with living in the church is when it comes to submission.

See, girls are expected to be under the authority of men in the church.

In the church, people will do anything to avoid conflict, but I see conflict as a tool to getting to where God wants the church to be–wholly honouring to Him. ” I don’t take anything at face value, and that’s not a bad thing!

I’ve approached pastors and elders and the like about extremely important issues and seen nothing happen for a long time because the church just isn’t allowed to offend anyone. On the same topic, I see a better way to do absolutely everything, and it’s absolutely infuriating. In fact, nowhere in the Bible does it say to believe blindly whatever those around you are saying–it’s quite the opposite!

See, we all have something to learn from other types—there’s no “perfect” type, or even “ideal” type.

Thinkers need to focus more on how their actions affect other people, and Feelers need to focus more on whether or not trying to be nice is the helpful thing to do or not, etc., etc. But I’m coming at this as a girl, who has a personality type completely against what our Christian society says is typical of females. I have a healthy understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, but because most girls tend to be happy to be in the background, when I’m vocal about what I know I’m good at, I’m seen as a show-off, when really if you asked me what my weaknesses are I’d be equally as happy to share those.

I try, but I generally just go home really frustrated and drained rather than encouraged and filled. For me, the best learning and conviction comes through discussion and debate with others, and I’d love to find a group where we can just start at one passage, and then just discuss and question and challenge for hours, trying to find the connections that I know are there between the gospels and Paul’s letters, or look at Revelations and what’s happening in the world today, anything like that.

I get so excited just thinking about that type of study.

“S”-types tend to be detail-oriented, and focus on already proved methods for pretty much everything.

They are less likely to take a risk on something new when it’s always been done another way.

I’m not afraid to tell people when they’re in the wrong, or to state my opinion. I tend to allow myself to burn out because of this–I know my limitations, but my obsession with fixing everything almost always outweighs what I actually have the time and resources to handle. In the church, it’s not generally accepted to go against set customs or challenge those who have a higher standing than you.

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