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Whether you just picked up a new i Phone or you're looking for an app revamp, these 24 apps belong on your home screen.

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Use Time Limits to define times when their phone will be locked and cannot be used, other than for emergency calls.

Block Apps including Whats App, Snap Chat, Instagram and Play Store.

The app isn't just for individuals anymore, either.

Quite a few larger publications are on here now, making Snapchat more useful for keeping up to date on news and events as well as what your best buds had for lunch.

However, if you happen to love Apple's hardware but not so much its software, the first switch you should make is your browser.

Google's Chrome is the most popular browser of them all—and for a good reason.

FREE At some point you're going to need a cab and there just won't be any in sight.

Save yourself some time now and go ahead and download Lyft.

Simply point the phone in any direction, and your display will show you the names of the stars and planets that you can see.

If you want to try a free version, you can also check out Sky View for free. People of all ages are using the app to keep up with what their friends are doing.

Select which categories of websites are allowed or should be blocked, or set up specific URLs and domains to allow or block.

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