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I told him about it and fast forward four years later we find out we’re having our daughter and I looked at him and he goes, “It must be Poppy,” so that was always it. Now I have this little thing and she’s this innocence that you wake up to and you put to bed. JB: We go back and forth between here and New York, but I think L. ” and, “Where will my husband and I sit and reflect and recharge?

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I don't know an infant with no mother just kind of makes me sad.

In the latest installment of her thought provoking A Drink With interview series, Hillary Sawchuk sits down with Homemade Simple host Jeremiah Brent to chat about everything thing from coffee and design to parenthood and relationships.

He makes me want to be a better person, but then he also sees me and reminds me that I am a good person.

My entire twenties were filled with decisions that make me think, “You had to go there, huh? ” but then the truth is I met my husband because of that.

Our home has changed five times since Poppy was born because she changes and we change even more. I’m like, “I guess that vintage marble table isn’t going to be a good idea.” So the baby proofing is the newest heartbreak. I’m like, “This rubber comes in three colors.” HS: That could be a new business. There are certain things to my husband that are so important— paintings from his ex-boyfriend who was lost in the tsunami. JB: I moved into my husband’s first home when we met in New York and I had the entire house repainted. I was like, “You can pick three items that you can keep. And I’m going to bring three items that are mine,” but it works.

The truth is you have to walk into a space and feel like it’s a reflection of you.

The couple also felt strongly about living in the Village, where Berkus owned a residence ( November 2012).

When he and Brent began dating a few years ago, Berkus was based in New York.

The most important thing that I’ve always felt as a designer is the idea of creating rooms around the moments that people are going to live in them.

It’s one of the reasons I loved doing the show “Home Made Simple.” Every space is this opportunity to create a moment for these people to live in beautifully.

All you want to do is protect her and create the best bubble possible for her to view the world.

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