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I lay back in my chair and looked down at the naked girl who was still sucking hungrily on my cock; she was getting the hang of it now. Millibrand." I looked at her silently for a few minutes, thinking and looking at the swell of her breasts against the white school blouse. I could easily cover those myself out of school funds. Naked, she was everything I had imagined: nice firm breasts topped with hard pink nipples, a trim figure, and just a light covering of pubic hair that did not hide the slightly protruding pussy lips.

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As I walked out, he was eyeing up three of the senior girls as they made there way into college. I took him through to my office and explained the situation to him over coffee.

At first, I thought he seemed none too happy about the way I had dealt with things, and thought that making her strip naked in front of me had been taking things a little too far.

I enjoy the power I have, but there are darker secrets. Then I groaned as my cock was sucked deep into the mouth of Averill Keen, the young woman kneeling under my desk. I gripped onto her dark hair with one hand thrusting her head harder between my thighs, and grinned as she choked slightly.

The note informed me that Matron had discovered a small tattoo on the posterior of Laura Grant.

Naked, she looked good: a slightly fuller figure than Averill, larger breasts, and little sign of pubic hair, maybe because it was blond. If I let you get away with it, there is no saying where it will all end, and of course I am going to have to inform your parents." She gave me a startled look.

She held her hands in front of her more intimate regions, but I ordered her to place them by her sides. The idea of her parents knowing seemed to upset her.

I adjusted my clothes and helped her out from under the desk. I watched Averill as she slipped back into her clothes. "I'll call you, Averill," I said as she was about to leave. Conrad, her farther, was one of the college benefactors. "There is only one, Sir, I assure you." I dismissed her with an inpatient wave of my hand. "It's not right." "It's not right that you should flagrantly go against college rules and get yourself in this position in the first place.

Cum dripped down from her lips and I handed her a tissue with which she wiped herself clean. He worked in the Foreign Office, and although I had heard stories about him and his interesting tastes from close friends, there was nothing concrete: just rumors and say so. I have to say I didn't really check for any others." I looked at Laura. "Just remove your clothes, and let's get this thing settled." "You can't! Now do as you are told, or I will get Matron to strip you forcibly." The girl looked sullen but defeated, and she began to unbutton her blouse.

She had wept when I had told her she would have to leave at the end of term, and it was so close to her graduation. I inquired if she were a virgin, and she shook her head. She even showed signs of enjoying it the first time I thrust my fingers into her tight vagina. I told her to get dressed and come and visit me at my home later that day: bring some books with you; it will look as though you are cumming for a lesson.

She was a pretty thing with a nicely maturing figure. She said she would be willing to do anything to be able to stop and get her exam results. She did as she was told and got a lesson on cumming.

As I bent over, I could also see the lips of her pussy peeping through her thighs, the darker pinkness contrasting against the whiteness of her thighs. It had been an interesting day: a double exposure and I was ready for more.

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