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Suddenly, Trazko appears, and Quark realizes that Pallra probably sent him.Trazko takes the list from Quark and shoots him with a phaser, apparently killing him and leaving a panic-stricken Rom shouting for help.

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While Bashir works frantically to save Quark, Odo questions Rom about the robbery and attack.

Rom denies knowing what Trazko took from Quark, but when Odo accuses him of killing his brother, he tells him about the list.

A beautiful Bajoran woman, Pallra, calls Quark to Bajor and persuades him to retrieve a strongbox her late husband kept hidden on Deep Space Nine.

He agrees, unaware that a stranger named Trazko has observed their entire interaction, with Pallra's knowledge.

Later, Odo arrests Pallra for blackmail, despite the realization that Kira did kill Vaatrick that night five years ago — not because they had an affair, but because he was a Cardassian collaborator who caught her trying to steal the list.

While he has no intention of prosecuting her and — says they can remain friends, both Odo and Kira realize the bond of trust between them may be changed forever.The most common vaccines recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are: Influenza (the inactive flu shot) and Tetanus/Diphtheria.Hepatitis B, Meningococcal and Rabies vaccines are given depending on risk of infection or exposure. Inactive If you’re pregnant, you’re going to want to avoid being vaccinated with active or live viruses.Though there’s little risk to a healthy, full-grown immunes system, live virus vaccines can harm your unborn child.Therefore, it’s safer to opt for the inactive virus form.These vaccinations use diluted amounts of live virus—not enough to infect you.

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