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Jessica understands that not everyone feels comfortable in the kitchen, so she’s written this book (full of over 100 simple and delicious recipes), complete with easy-to-follow instructions.Each recipe lists the potential challenging parts and how to overcome them. Eat Pretty teaches you about over 85 different superfoods that you can use to become your most beautiful self, the natural way.

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You may not love to experiment in the kitchen, but this book will basically do all the work for you.

I can’t fathom hating to cook, but Jessica Seinfeld can.

She’d go upstairs, return a few moments later, and discover that I had managed to flip the channel to watch a cooking show. Instead, I crack open one of my favorite cookbooks, roll up my sleeves, and whip up a new recipe. Here, I’ve rounded up a list of all of my favorite cookbooks.

That passion for food and love for cooking has never gone away.

You don’t have to be a fan of professional basketball to be a fan of the Curry family.

Ayesha came onto the scene as the wife of Golden State Warrior Steph Curry, but she’s made a name for herself in her own right as a leading authority in all that is domestic, stylish, and FUNNY.

The result is a book chock-full of mouth-wateringly flavorful foods, hilarious anecdotes from her fabulous life, and intimate details of the time she spends at home with her husband (John Legend — you might have heard of him?

) as they whip up delicious and comforting recipes in their kitchen.

It teaches you to craft meals out of whatever produce you have on hand, and it’ll also show you how to maximize nutrition in every meal.

The results are gorgeous, delectable, and perfect to document on Instagram.

You’re going to find one you love, no matter which kind of cook you may be.

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