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Until Aaron is 14, the only criminal offences he can be charged with are murder or manslaughter. The police can discuss the matter with you as a family, warn Aaron and arrange for the return of the stolen goods.

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Jinarajadasa) that deal with the requirements for leading a spiritual life.

The study begins with some background information with regards to the Mahatmas and the material being explored, and will define such things as the two concepts “chelaship or discipleship" and “probation.” Several of the letters that relate in whole or part to these concepts will be examined.

The police think it may have been dope and want to question him. Carl must give his name, age and address to the police, if asked.

The police must tell Carl: The police must explain Carl's rights to him in a way he can understand.

She didn't get the job and is convinced she has been discriminated against because of her age.

People under 16 are not protected from discrimination on the grounds of age.

There will also be a chance to explore some of the recipients of Mahatma letters and why they might have received them.

Director of studies: John Vorstermans, National President of the New Zealand Section Enquiries to: [email protected] or (09) 523-1797 Venue: Auckland Theosophical Centre, 4 Warborough Ave, Epsom, Auckland.

If they have a good reason for not being at school they should say so.

The police could take Carl or Dana back to school or to their homes, but not to a police station.

The Ministry of Education may grant long-term exemptions in situations such as home-schooling.

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