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However, you must be given the opportunity to earn back your previous rate if you make your minimum payments on time for six months.(You can learn the for free on ) Remember, an issuer cannot raise your rate on your credit card in the first year except in the circumstances above, such as with an introductory interest rate or if you fall 60 days or more behind.based on factors such as your credit risk as a borrower or market conditions, the creditor shall consider changes in those factors when determining whether to reduce your annual percentage rate.

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If the issuer does authorize a purchase that puts you over your limit, you cannot be charged an over-the-limit fee unless you opted to go over the limit.

(This does not require card issuers to allow you to go over your limit.

If you decide to close your account to avoid the new terms, issuers won’t be able to charge a penalty fee for closing your account, place you in default because you close your account while you still owe a balance, or require you to pay your balance in full immediately.

If your card issuer does raise your rate (or says it will) and you close your account, your card issuer can require you to pay back your balance over five years or double your previous minimum monthly payment. Your rate can go up if the rate you were given was clearly disclosed as lasting for a certain period of time.

If a due date falls on a holiday or weekend when payments are not received or accepted by mail, the creditor cannot count a payment late if it is received the next business day. If your credit card carries a grace period, your statement must be mailed or delivered to you at least 21 days before the due date.

Floating due dates, or due dates that change from time to time, are no longer allowed.

A credit card issuer may raise the rate on your outstanding balance if it has been temporarily lowered during a “workout” or temporary hardship arrangement that you either completed or left.

If you are 60 days late on a credit card payment, your issuer can raise your interest rate retroactively.

Your credit card issuer also cannot charge a fee of more than unless you were late with a payment in the last six months (in which case you may be charged up to ) or the credit card issuer proves that the costs incurred as a result of your late payments justify a higher fee.

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