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Numerous internet sites list the number of Clinton associates who have died mysteriously over the years.

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There were no witnesses., 48, suicide, July 20, 1993.

A long-time friend of the Clintons in Arkansas, new president Bill Clinton appointed him Deputy White House Counsel.

On the way to the capital from his home in Kansas, Dickson's small plane developed problems so he landed in St Louis and rented another plane.

That rented plane was the one that crashed in rural Virginia, killing both men., 47, shot to death, September 23, 1993.

Despite several witnesses, no-one was ever arrested.

The killing came two months after Parks had watched news of Foster's death and allegedly told his son Gary 'I'm a dead man'.

It could have been the kitchen or it could have been the game room where Bill Puterbaugh had animal heads including a grizzly bear he had shot in British Columbia, an elk, a moose and other creatures mounted on the wall.'Judi had a little dog - a Yorkshire terrier I think - and he was tied to his dog bed, but he dragged that all the way to the bedroom door,' said Randy Puterbaugh.

'She also had a cockatoo and that would have been squawking.'I told him I needed to speak to him and he said he couldn't because he had to get up and make his speech, so afterwards I kept going up to him and he kept moving, always a few steps ahead of me with people around him.

An Arkansas chiropractor who, according to the book, A Profession of One's Own, treated the Clinton family, Heard was asked by Bill Clinton to represent the practice as plans for 'Hillarycare' were being finalized.

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