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I've been wearing this style since February: I really like the dark tortoiseshell colour with a deep pink behind, I've never thought that the shape is quite right for my face shape, and have had my old glasses reglazed.

I'm now therefore wearing this style again: https://en.specsavers.es/glasses/karen-millen-12 I've always really liked this style, and they are so light and don't keep slipping down my nose like the Superdry pair, despite having had them fitted loads of times.

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Weirdnewglasses , Hi, I just got new glasses, and they look so different than any of my old glasses. Apparently they are all my insurance would get because of my prescription. My prescription is -16.50, -10.75, 120 and -19.25, -11.5,145. Lou , Hi again Hubby has commented on my change of glasses.

He said that he prefers the Superdry pair, because they are smaller (They are narrower rather than smaller overall) and more brightly coloured.

They are both the same Rx - bumped up -1.75 from my "real" Rx.

I wear that overcorrection more than my "real" one so I don't think thats the issue. Just experienced my first foray into bifocals; and I must say the experience is exhilarating! Failed my vision screening in the 5th grade and subsequently went to an optometrist and was diagnosed with nearsightedness. I wanted glasses so bad I was so happy on the inside that my eyes were nearsighted.

They are going to be a nice departure from the standard black or tortoise I always choose.

I decided to stick with Moscot again but this time I went with emerald green.

Although my Karen Millen pair have a pattern, he reckons that the pattern isnt noticeable and they just look dark and plain.

Anyway, since he likes my Superdry pair better, I've swapped back.

Distance has been the clearest I've ever remembered! The lens are a regular 1.50 index so there is decent thickness to them and they stick out of the frame quite a bit with plenty of power rings and the lined bifocal is pretty obvious as well!

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