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Make sure you have notifications set so that you know when a message is being sent to your child.

Kik is not suitable for children, it is rated 17 on the app store, and doesn’t have secure privacy settings. It is also impossible for parents to supervise their child on Kik by sharing an account with their child, unlike other safer messaging apps.

More on Kik Messenger Here: Apple’s i Message only works on Apple devices, including Apple computers/i Pods/i Pads/i Phones.

Messaging apps have given all of us an amazing ability to send messages, pictures and video back and forth without spending money on SMS’s. They can communicate from their mobile devices without a phone plan using just Wi Fi Internet. An appropriate messaging app for kids, has to – IMPORTANT: No Messaging App Is Absolutely Safe For Children!

I’m often asked for recommendations for safer messaging apps for kids.

C or your mobile device, or sign in another time to check after use.

It is easy to log into different Skype accounts on the one device.If you don’t set the privacy settings on your child’s messaging app, they are very likely to be contacted by an adult within minutes of signing up to the app.I know of some incidents where young children have been groomed by adults through Skype, simply because the parents didn’t know about the existence of the privacy and blocking settings, and left the child unsupervised.To prevent your child from getting direct messages from people not approved by you or already included in your child’s device address book you need to set up the “Filter Unknown Senders” toggle.On your child’s mobile device go to: If your child also wants to use Face Time Apple’s video messaging app, you need to add your child’s i Cloud email to your Face Time settings.Your child can now use i Message on their i Pad/i Pod/i Phone.

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