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Discussions with Si and Bob during the breaks were wide ranging, with many interested in the role commercial archaeology is playing in the discovery, recording and interpretation of recent finds across the military estate and beyond.The multi-disciplinary aspect of modern conflict archaeology meant that quite a number of delegates were encountering Wessex Archaeology for the first time and the request for business cards was brisk and our poster presentation won the competition for most engaging presentation.Through its website and mobile app, MAS enables users to record archaeological material discovered anywhere from the Mean Low Water Level in England, Wales and now Northern Ireland too.

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Wessex Archaeology sponsored the event and two members of staff (Bob Clarke and Si Cleggett) attended the conference – along with a display covering the results from the recent multi-phase excavation at Larkhill carried out on behalf of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and consultants WYG.

The Symposium was a multi-discipline affair covering a rather eclectic, but no less interesting, series of presentations.

However, following hand examination, he concluded that one of the flint artefacts showed possible signs of striking.

This flint may have been the waste product during the knapping of a flint tool such as a handaxe, rather than representing a tool itself.

The conference was rounded off by good friend of WA, Richard Osgood who provided the delegates with a wide ranging, but relevant, assessment of why conflict archaeology matters.

It was satisfying to hear many speakers referred to recent WA work on military landscapes.Since the start of the Protocol, a number of prehistoric finds have been reported from the East Coast dredging region.This quantity of finds suggests that the area is potentially an archaeologically sensitive area.These finds may date to a time when the seabed was exposed as dry land during an Ice Age, when the capturing of water within ice sheets resulted in a reduction in sea levels.The discovery position of these finds is situated to the north-west of an identified concentration of worked flint and mammal remains (Hanson_0133).These finds were discovered on the reject pile at Hanson’s SBV Flushing Wharf while the cargo of aggregate was being discharged from the Arco Arun.

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