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Constituting America’s goal was and is to please the school, the parents and the students, nothing more. One such tool is the amendment process, and I tell them they are never too young to think of one and start a movement.

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Our intentions are always for the best interest of the students and never to disappoint a school. Since this is now being speculated across the nation, allow me to explain exactly what was in the folders and how the CISD always knew about it.

I launched Constituting America in 2010, after being inspired by the remarkably relevant Federalist Paper 62 by James Madison where he writes, “It is no avail to men to elect men of their own choice if the laws are so voluminous they can’t be read or so incoherent they can’t be understood.” I subsequently wrote 85 essays on the corresponding Federalist Papers, four essays on George Washington’s Farewell Address along with scores of other opinion editorials published in leading newspapers across the country.

One way to inspire an amendment is with a petition. Fascinatingly and by coincidence, they were all under 30 pages which correspond with The Truth Act petition.

Thus, we include in the folder, The Truth Act, a sample petition to show the students how easy it can be. This research paper has been very interesting to the audiences of my 230 speeches to over 20,000 people. Our main focus has been to consistently present the Constitution as a non-partisan document and to never discuss politics, political agendas or political parties. The Truth Act and the corresponding research paper are bi-partisan, never pointing a finger at one party over the other.One of the greatest joys of my life is speaking to children in classrooms across America about the United States Constitution. I have given over 230 constitutional speeches to approximately 20,000 people.I focus on empowering the students with the tools in their toolbox given to them by the U. I have spoken to many school districts across the country and statewide including HEB ISD, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, Dallas ISD, Garland ISD along with charter, private schools and national civic groups.I have dedicated the past seven years to constitutional awareness, which has included two published books, a radio show, numerous television appearances, and speeches. Faltys, Janet Mc Dade, and Chris Archer on March 22, 2017, to present a sample speech which included a folder with all of the materials that we pass out to students.I was excited when I was consequently booked last spring to speak at Eubanks Intermediary School in September.Janine Turner is an Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress best known for Northern Exposure and Friday Night Lights, an award winning director, a best-selling published author of two books, a speaker, columnist and frequent guest on news channels.

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