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- Why raw - Science of raw - How the SAD (Standard American Diet) developed - Problems with the SAD (Standard American Diet) ...It's easier to stay raw when you understand the solid scientific research that backs it up!

The community is also where you'll Blog - keep an online journal of how you are doing, get support in the forum, ask Jinjee questions, and Chat with other participants.

* At the end of the ordering process, (Forum, Blogs, Chat, etc...), which you are a member of for life!

Take the fear and worry out of the long term raw vegan lifestyle with information about the best B12, protein and mineral sources, how to eat a balanced raw diet, what raw foods can deplete nutrients from your body, and how to get all your nutrients from fresh raw vegan foods!

- have more energy, vitality, and motivation - achieve and maintain a naturally beautiful shape - improve the quality of your life - feel happier and more emotionally balanced - go raw with no de-tox symptoms - go raw with no withdrawal symptoms - go raw with no cravings for cooked foods - change your relationship to food and your body - feel a consistent sense of well-being - be more comfortable in your skin - be free of food addictions and compulsive eating With you will learn the raw recipes you need to go raw and thrive on a long-term raw lifestyle.

After working in this field for 18 years, I have learned that the number one reason people are unable to shift their eating habits is their own mind-set!

Break the negative thinking habit, and shift in to finding greater joy in life!

We eat everything as fresh as possible, without the aid of supplements or superfoods.

We have found that this works best for the long term.

Our diet was voted one of the top diets in the world by a panel of medical doctors, and one of the only top diets with no adverse side effects!

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