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And when I text her I send something like this: The awesome thing about using call-back humor in this way is that it gets a girl laughing and it also pulls her back into the mindset that she was in when she found you attractive enough to give you her number.

Steal this text #5 Now this tip’s going to be like the Holy Grail of texting knowledge in your arsenal. One of the quickest and most powerful ways to build attraction is to notice things in a woman that other guys don’t.

Do you ever feel that texting girls is a waste of time?

Well here’s the deal; most guys have no idea what to text a girl. The way I see it, if you want the most amount of dates possible, you have to handle yourself in all aspects of the interaction, including “how to text a girl.” And with the world speeding up and people getting busier and busier with their day-to-day lives, women in particular are relying on texting as their primary form of communication more so than ever. I’m going to give you examples of what to text a girl you like in the basic escalation points of an interaction, but I don’t want you to just memorize these texts.

So go use them in good health and for God’s sake, come up with some great ones of your own!

Matt Artisan is considered one of the World’s Top Dating & Attraction Coaches.

Setting up a date over text is not very different from setting up a date in real life. You see, the problem with texts like, “Let’s hang out” or “Wanna grab coffee? So instead of the logistical details of a date you should help paint a picture in a girl’s mind.

For example: Steal this text #6 You: There’s this awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurant I found that I’d like to take you to.

Which is why it’s a great way to introduce a sexual element to your texting interaction.

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