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The Nurse Alliance of Pennsylvania is an affiliate of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, uniting nurses across Pennsylvania in our commitment to provide the safest and highest quality of care for our patients and the public we serve.The Nurse Alliance was created as a forum for nurses to network and discuss ways to meet the challenges we face regarding our licenses and practice.

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That isn’t the way healthcare workers should be treated.” Act 102, which bans mandatory overtime for all healthcare workers except in narrowly defined emergencies, was passed in 2008 with bipartisan support after years of research found that when nurses are forced to work long hours, the likelihood of a medical error is three times higher[i] and the safety of nurses and healthcare workers is often compromised.[ii] Additionally, shift length has been shown to correlate with nurse-reported quality and safety measures[iii] as well as increased patient mortality.[iv] “Mandatory overtime puts patients at risk and is unfair to caregivers.

Tired nurses who are forced to work overtime stand a greater likelihood of making a preventable medical error,” said Paula Stellabotte, registered nurse at UPMC Altoona and member of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania and the Nurse Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Covers goals of care for the older adult, physiologic and cognitive changes of aging, elder abuse, and end-of-life care.

Fulfills the requirement for 7 hours of HIV/AIDS training in Washington State.

Choose from our complete list of nursing courses to fulfill your CE contact hours.

HARRISBURG, PA — Nurses and healthcare professionals welcome the new report by Auditor General Eugene De Pasquale which revealed on Wednesday that, for years, the Department of Labor and Industry failed to properly reinforce Act 102, the landmark law in place to ban mandatory overtime for all healthcare workers in Pennsylvania and prohibit employer retaliation.

Fulfills the requirement of 3 contact hours of continuing education on substance abuse for nurses in Delaware, focusing on prescription drug abuse and diversion, challenges in managing chronic pain, and best practices for prescribing controlled substances.

Fulfills the 1-hour HIV/AIDS continuing education requirement for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs in Florida.

Covers preventing medical errors in the practice setting and Florida's medical error reporting requirements.

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