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“When we’re filming they can’t get close because of all the security.

“If you see someone you like you have to point them out.

But that just begs the question: why not just say vagina and vulva instead of making up a vague, generic term that does nothing to help us get more comfortable with our genitals?

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” One unhappy fan replied: “Storyline #all #[email protected] just spoilt @geordiegshoremtv for us all there or just me.” Chantelle responded: “[I] couldn’t give to flying f*** pet.” And they have to give VIDEO consent…

If passports weren’t enough, Geordie bosses also request video consent from any potential romances.

HOLLY Hagan sparked shock when she appeared to confirm reality TV shows are ‘set up’ in a Twitter rant recently, shortly after she sensationally quit MTV’s Geordie Shore.

But she’s not the first to expose some backstage secrets – and her co-stars have all let slip a fair few clangers over the years too.

But when it’s a brand that’s embedded deep into the world of looking after the vagina, it’s unacceptable.

On Bodyform’s part, they responded to Lauren’s tweet by explaining that they’ve chosen to use ‘V-Zone’ because they’re referring to more than just the vagina – they’re referring to the vulva, too.

And fellow Shore star Marty Mc Kenna, 21, said the lads’ party lifestyle is “not as good as it looks”.

He revealed: “You can’t really bang birds when we’re doing the show.

’ Bodyform have previously encouraged their followers to use the words ‘vagina’, ‘vulva’, ‘discharge’, and ‘blood’, creating a video as part of International Women’s Day.

That suggestion feels a little superficial when Bodyform aren’t using these words on their packaging, where everyone can see ’em.

She tweeted: “It's hard to keep your cool when you're told something like that and you have no phone.” They don’t actually get paid for on-screen jobs We’ve seen them sent out to host parties in countless episodes, complaining about the work they have to do, but it turns out the stars of Geordie Shore aren’t actually paid for their jobs on-screen.

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