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I also found many comments and blog posts from other concerned moms who started googling around after their child received the "Do you like me" or "let's go back to my igloo/den" request.

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When you see the chat bubble comments made, it is 100% obvious that this is not a child (or even a pre-teen) making these comments. But more than likely it is an adult, as it is very detailed and graphic. The "animal jam hardcore mating" video is only one of thousands out there showing that this occurs regularly on Animal Jam.

There are many gamers out there who are very proud of their Animal Jam sex scenes, and they love to share them on you tube and other blogs.

Don't let your kids play this game or others like it!!!!! Believe me, this trait is not rewarded on the animal jam web site.

If you have sweet, considerate, trusting children who want to go on this site and see animals... They will be exposed to rude, selfish, manipulating children who steal, coerce, lie and use your child to take advantage of, and steal the items they may have. My child was playing this game when all the sudden a bubble pops up with the question "Do you like me? I immediately felt bothered by this, so I started googling around.

A lot of people like Chaturbate because you can chat for free and there is a large community supporting it.

Over the years 60% of all girls are working on this site.

My daughter was very persuasive with the "There are moderators.

You can report people who are inappropriate." and I decided to give it a try because she is getting older.

My daughter had an AJ account for over a year with only the "Bubble Chat" (you can only send/receive messages from a set list).

We had no problems until we turned on the full chat.

All parents should be warned before bringing this into their lives that their children will prefer this game over eating, sleeping, exercise, and outings, and you will find yourself saying "no Animal Jam" multiple times daily. I truly think its a good game (I even have my own account that I go on sometimes! My daughter has been playing animal jam for over a year and we were happy to find a game that seemed safe and where she could indulged her fascination and love of animals.

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