isotope dating forummember phpu - Phoenix firmware updating failed

These cables are available in mobile phone and phone-repair shops, as well as on the internet.Use the Compatible Victron products chapter to verify that your product is compatible. Do not connect from the device's system menu because Victron Connect will not find your Victron product.

After holding the button for 10 seconds, all blue LEDs will blink twice. On the device list: Press and hold the product description for which you would like to reset the PIN code.

A menu will pop up offering a ' Reset PIN code' option. The PUK code can be found on the product label, on the back of the product.

Devices where we have seen this issue are: Android 5 and later requires access permission for Victron Connect to the (coarse) location services.

Otherwise it can not scan for the Bluetooth devices.

Besides permitting access to its data, the location services also need to be enabled in many (but not all) cases.

Note that after enabling location services, the GPS itself, can be switched off again: the Android location services are more than GPS.

The pairing does not work on some devices running Android 5.

The pin code popup does not appear, or it appears without a text field to enter the PIN code.

On a desktop (Windows, Mac), 'right click' the product description instead of pressing and holding.

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