Pigeon john is dating jessicas guide to dating the undead

This album is a bit more serious than we are used to though.

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Lucifer watches people dance at his club when notices one of the dancers is his mother, he goes over to confronts her she then tries to explain that she's trying to learn his fascination with humans.

(Verse One)I have to tell the truth I have a weakness for women In every state Wherever I go Oh boy I know it isn't right I feel I'm barely swimming And the waves keep on crashing down After every show Oh boy And what am I to do now Where the hell is my crew now Supposed to be watching my back But they're jibbing too And here she stands before me And I'm trying to ignore thee Possible chance of doing wrong And now I sing my song What is love And am I in it?

All in all we get that distinctive Pigeon John-ishness: the way of talking about big issues like love, death and the meaning of life in a geeky but rather charming way.

Now don't get it twisted and expect that philosopher-turned-rapper type lyrics. This is like when your corny, geeky and kinda weird co-worker says something corny, geeky and kinda weird that actually makes sense.

Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister album for sale by Pigeon John was released Oct 21, 2003 on the Basement label.

A rapper's style icon can say much about his performance and this L. Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister CD music contains a single disc with 15 songs.

Now comes 3 remixes of tracks from "… Is Dating Your Sister" album: "Life Goes On," "Emily" and "Identity Crisis" are among the best tracks off that album, but the remixes kinda disappoint.

They are not bad but none of them beats the original version. The beat is nice and the lyrics are good, and if you have heard the original you will know that Abstract Rude is on there and that his verse is dope, and done in a sing-songy way that blends in beautifully with the original beat.

And if you cant do that either, don't do the remix at all. First is "Rainy Day" that features a verse from Red Cloud. The two emcees break down the trouble they went through growing up over a simple and melancholic MR J beat that has a voice sample for a hook.

"Draw Me" is also good and has the same sadness to it.

Break up with the girl of my dreams In the past made mistakes and Regret every step so I say What is love And am I in it?

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