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They begin with an amusing, provocative thought like this one: The ads make me chuckle.

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But when you tell someone you don’t want to be in a relationship, then it isn’t okay for you to continue acting like you do. And the security and comfort that this person is your boyfriend and that you are their girlfriend.

And to my fellow girls that feel stuck in the middle, the only person keeping you there is yourself. So if that’s what you really want, then why are you spending so much time over a boy that has made it clear that that’s not what he wants?

Recently, I was at a clothing swap party at my mom’s apartment.

(I’m 47; she’s 72.) Among the things I brought was a hat that needed a piece of suede to repair it.

So to all of those girls that feel that way, it wasn’t you. In my opinion, one of the worst things a person can do when it comes to a relationship is lead someone on.

It isn’t fair to confuse someone else emotions because you are unsure of your own.

As soon as I modeled it to the group, one of my mother’s friends offered to get the necessary suede and return the hat to me, all fixed up.

She has a little more time on her hands than I have these days. Compared to my mom’s friends, my peers and I are stretched.

(MORE: Pivot to a Second Act with a Purpose) 4 Ways to Prepare for the Long Game What kinds of things can you do to set yourself up for the long game, especially for the kind of work that will tap your prior experience and let you change the world for the better? With no kids and with a rental apartment she could give up, Keld decided to apply.

At the time, she was just following her instincts, not knowing where they would lead.

But these days, I look around and see so many of my best friends being hurt and disappointed because they are spending too much of their time on boys that wouldn’t give them any of theirs.

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