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They are the senior regular regiments in the British Army, with traditions dating from 1660, and act as the Queen's personal bodyguard.

They are guards regiments and, with the five foot guard regiments, help constitute the seven guards regiments of the Household Division.

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HCMR consists of one squadron from The Life Guards, one from The Blues and Royals and a squadron called Headquarters Squadron, which is responsible for all administrative matters and includes the regimental headquarters (RHQ), the Riding Staff, Farriers, Tailors and Saddlers.

The Regiment has been based (in various forms) at Hyde Park Barracks, Knightsbridge, since 1795.

The Household Cavalry (HCav) is made up of the two most senior regiments of the British Army, the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons).

These regiments are divided between the Armoured Regiment stationed at Combermere Barracks in Windsor and the ceremonial mounted unit, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, garrisoned at Hyde Park Barracks (Knightsbridge Barracks) in London.

The regiment serves as part of the Royal Armoured Corps, and forms one of five formation reconnaissance regiments in the British Army's order of battle.

The HCR has four operational squadrons, three of which are traditional medium reconnaissance squadrons equipped with the combat vehicle reconnaissance (tracked) or CVR(T) range of vehicles (Scimitar, Spartan, Sultan, Samson and Samaritan) and the fourth is referred to as Command and Support Squadron and includes specialists, such as Forward Air Controllers.

Other occasions include state visits by visiting heads of state, or whenever required by the British monarch.

The regiment also mounts the guard at Horse Guards.

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He is a Colonel, and is assisted by a retired lieutenant colonel as Regimental Adjutant. The first unit is the Household Cavalry Regiment (HCR).

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