Polycom ip phone updating initial configuration

Please see: Handbook Wiki Chapter 7 and read the Polycom phones section.

The relevant options for Asterisk configuration are buried fairly deep on the console, and the big problem with the web interface is that it takes at least an extra minute to become available even AFTER the phone is up and running.

And, of course, every time you make ANY change in ANY section of the web interface and click "Submit," it has to do a soft boot..... It makes the XML/TFTP configuration option look pretty good, even for just a few phones.

The GXP-2000's are much more resilient and much faster to boot.

Finally, I've also noticed that, for some strange reason, the GMT offset for your time zone will not behave properly sometimes.

Asterisk Bulk Provisioning Polycom Phones tutorial Set up and start up your TFTP server and make sure the files from the Boot ROM and the SIP archives are un ZIPped and in the root TFTP directory.

By default, the root TFTP directory is tftpboot, but this may be different on your machine if someone has changed it.

This is because the web configuration for the time server and GMT offset differs from what is loaded on the actual phone itself.

When the web interface finally starts up 1-2 minutes after the phone is ready, it reloads that info instead.

At time of this writing, Grandstream GXP-2000's are around 5, and Polycom 501's are around 0.

The Polycom 501's do have more and easier-to-get-to functionality than the GXP-2000's, and have a more professional look and feel (and a great speakerphone), but the most notable downsides of the 501 are its awful, obtuse and slow configuration interfaces.

(By the way, I tried leaving out some of the XML config files, and Weird Things Happened(tm).

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