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So let’s say you’re perusing an online dating site, looking at profiles. While profiles without pictures are increasingly rare, they do still exist.

One catches your eye - this person has many of the same, uncommon interests you do, and seems funny and engaging. There’s just one problem: they don’t have a profile picture. There are many legitimate reasons to not want your picture out on the internet, including sensitive job matters.

” (And since she’s normally a good employee, you should try to find ways to accommodate her for the next week or two, like moving deadlines around if you can or giving her projects that require less mental presence if that’s possible.) And if she wants to use sick leave to help her get through what should be a relatively short-term withdrawal period (it’s supposed to last about two weeks, right? As long as it’s not impacting any crucial projects which she absolutely must be there for this week, that’s a pretty great use of sick leave and it means she’s keeping the withdrawal impact out of the office. My boss wants me to drive him to the airport in my own car, without reimbursement I’ve been on my job for about four months.

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Post dating email gmail

And also remember that your “common sense” alarm should be on at all times - whether a profile raises a red flag or not.

Employing a little common sense can help guide you smoothly through even the strangest of profiles.

I don’t think the legal approach is your most effective approach here anyway, but I wanted to flag it.) Legal issues aside, it’s a huge invasion of privacy and not one that’s justified by any work-related reasons.

It was absolutely over the line and not okay for her to do.

I recently got a text from the director of my department saying that I had left my personal Gmail open on my work computer and that there had been unkind things written about the assistant director, with whom I work most of the time. However, I read back through my chats and couldn’t find anything like that, except for a mild expression of frustration at having been accidentally locked out by the assistant director a few days previously.

I genuinely like the assistant director and have a great deal of respect for her, and I really wouldn’t talk shit about her.

I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what you might have been referring to, and all I can think of is that I was mildly frustrated last week when she accidentally locked me out.

But I certainly wouldn’t trash-talk her or speak disrespectfully of her, since that doesn’t reflect my feelings.” And then you could say: “I don’t think my personal Gmail account is fair game for anyone here to go through, regardless of whether I leave it open on my computer. Is that something that the company will do as a matter of course? My employee quit smoking and is being a pain I am the general manager for a retail location.

(And it’s especially weird that she owned up to it.) But whether or not you should take that on depends heavily on what the director is like — how reasonable and how open to dissent she is — and what your relationship with her is like.

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