pros and cons of dating a filipina - Print out quizzes for dating boys

Do you find yourself getting angry with your partner for no reason at all?

Perhaps, there are some overlooked issues that you need to face together.

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All of our printable general knowledge trivia quiz sheets for kids and teens are in popular Adobe PDF format and can be saved to a PC if required.

For an easier trivia quiz for younger children you can hand out the multiple choice question sheets and maybe give them a few clues.

Take this quiz to see if you should make the first move and ask your boy to the dance, or start lining up other options instead.

You and your guy BFF talk all the time, and you're pretty sure you're the first person he turns to when he has news — good or bad. Does your boy share the stuff that matters, or does he keep it all inside?

For older children and brainy teenagers that need more of a challenge you can try just reading the quiz questions out loud and not offering the multiple-choice answers.

More printable kids' and teens' quiz sheets coming very soon!

Whether your boy is a jock, tech lover, clothes fanatic, or movie buff, one thing's for sure — you'll earn lots of points if you give him an awesome birthday present! Before you get too serious with him, take this quiz to find out if your boyfriend is being honest, or secretly not telling the truth. Forget about your shoes and makeup — you still haven't asked your crush to the dance!

You enjoy being with your boyfriend, and you know that an important aspect of any relationship is trust.

[Read: 9 relationship stages that all couples go through] Relationship questions to test your compatibility Are you in a relationship with someone for around a year or so?

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