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Nintendo's first venture into the video gaming industry was securing rights to distribute the Magnavox Odyssey video game console in Japan in 1974.

Nintendo began to produce its own hardware in 1977, with the Color TV-Game home video game consoles.

Even if you get private medical insurance, you’ll keep your right to use the NHS.

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It can be good value if you might need specialist, expensive treatment.

If you’re a sporting enthusiast, for example, you might want access to specialist private treatment that isn’t available in the NHS – like surgeons and experts who only do private work.

If you fall ill or have an accident and can’t work, you might find it hard to keep up mortgage payments or handle the bills – especially if you don’t have enough savings or sick pay from your employer.

Your priority should be insurance that keeps you out of financial difficulty such as income protection.

Private medical insurance (also known as health insurance) can supplement what’s available on the NHS.

If you don’t already have it as part of your employee benefits package and you can afford to pay the premiums, you might decide it’s worth paying extra to have more choice over your care.Four versions of these consoles were produced, each including variations of a single game (for example, Color TV Game 6 featured six versions of Light Tennis).A student product developer named Shigeru Miyamoto was hired by Nintendo at this time.Most UK residents are entitled to free healthcare from the NHS.Health insurance pays all – or some – of your medical bills if you’re treated privately.The success of the game and many licensing opportunities (such as ports on the Atari 2600, Intellivision and Coleco Vision) gave Nintendo a huge boost in profit and in addition, the game also introduced an early iteration of Mario, then known in Japan as Jumpman, the eventual company mascot.

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