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"I couldn't see not being with Tina because of any reason other than who she is or her character, and that comes from values that were given to me by my parents," the 32-year-old Ottawa lawyer said.

Open-minded attitudes regarding interracial relationships have also extended into the domain of professional matchmaking services.

"The rate of increase of mixed unions is not huge, but it's steady, and the fact that it continues to be steady in different censuses suggests that those barriers are diminishing." The vast majority – 85 per cent – of interracial couples counted in the 2006 census involve a white person and a visible minority.

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"If you've travelled a fair bit to other markets, like to Asia or whatever else, you might be more open, or if your demographic makeup of the population tends to skew more ethnic, you might be broader in your perspectives," Semeniw said.

Roth said low levels of interracial marriage often has to do with tradition and culture, but can also relate to where the visible minority groups settle.

Kevin Costner hooked up with Whitney Houston in "The Bodyguard" and Spike Lee brought together a black man and white woman in the more gritty "Jungle Fever." Images of real-life interracial couples such as Halle Berry and Montreal model Gabriel Aubry, as well as Gov. Michaelle Jean and Jean-Daniel Lafond rarely provoke a mention of their mixed-race makeup.

Statistics Canada began looking at mixed unions in 2001 as yet another indication of Canada's diversity and the way in which different ethnicities are integrating, analyst Tina Chui said.

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Four decades after Hollywood's first interracial kiss in " Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" shocked mainstream America, Canada's multicultural society is increasingly showing signs that love is colour blind.

– a largely white community east of Toronto where he was raised.

"I found that people looked at me and I always felt they didn't approve of it, just from the way they looked," Fong said.

The Japanese are most likely to enter a mixed union, the census showed, at 74.7 per cent.

The second and third groups most likely to be involved in an interracial relationship are Latin Americans (47 per cent) and blacks (40.6 per cent).

"If they tend to live in neighbourhoods where there are a lot of other people from their own group around them, that can contribute to more marriage within their own group," she said.

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