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Turns out those whose brains were most active when viewing the sexual images also tended to have had the most partners.

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But, sorry guys: When men tried to be sexier, they were actually rated as sounding worse!

When a woman intentionally drops her voice to make it sound low and breathy, she's often perceived as more attractive—but not exactly for the reasons you might think.

"Ask detailed questions about their hopes for the future, their wildest fantasies, or their childhood memories.

Then, be a good listener and ask real follow-up questions that are meaningful to both of you."In a 2014 study, Albright University researchers found that women were able to deliberately manipulate their voices—while counting from one to 10—to sound more attractive.

Men tend to prefer women with higher, more feminine voices, says co-author Susan Hughes, Ph D, associate professor of psychology.

But when a woman lowers her voice to "sound sexy," she's signaling her interest in a potential mate—a clue that men are able to pick up on.

Your brain wiring may influence your number of sexual partners, according to a University of California Los Angeles study.

Researchers performed brain scans of volunteers while they viewed images, some sexually suggestive, and also asked their sexual behaviors within the past year.

A long car ride may sometimes seem like the worst place to hash out important issues with your significant other—after all, you're stuck in your seat for hours. "Many couples find long car rides to be a good way to work on problems that need sustained attention," he says.

Road trips can also be a good time to get to know your partner better, he adds.

In a second study, volunteers who considered their significant others to be humble were more likely to forgive them for a transgression.

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