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It's hard and my body's feeling it, but it's going well. He's teaching me little things, like where to place my leg and stuff. There are different dance styles every week on . Work ethic, persistence and professionalism propelled them to exciting opportunities.

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It'd be even harder." Learning toe loops and salchows isn't the only difficult aspect of the upcoming ABC show for the actress, who's partnered with pairs specialist Fred Palascak — Budig plans to continue working on . All we want is that you can skate." So I just got so excited and I felt like a little girl again, so I was like, "I'm going to do it." And then after I made the decision, I thought I'm crazy and out of my mind.

"I can't even imagine if [I didn't know how to skate and] had to learn from scratch.

"That's basically what I do in the show: performance, skating skills, transitions," she said.

"I take that professionalism I teach my professionals in the show home to my students." As performers, Lambert and Palascak did three tours: "In Concert," "Hollywood" and "Diamonds." They still perform on occasion, but as their coaching and choreography grows, they only accept special, short-term gigs. She and Palascak will hold a summer camp at the Skating Club of Boston from July 21-Aug. Palascak, a trained school teacher, is also developing an after-school program that involves skating and science.

"[Surya] said to me, 'I don't want to look like I used to look. She brings that energy back to her students at home, which Palascak looks after while she's away. "When I'm in the show world, I get to let everything go, do whatever I want choreographically.

Then I come home fresh with really cool ideas." With components scores being a huge part of the international judging system, Lambert tries to infuse her competitive programs with performance skills.

"I know it's only a TV show, but it feels great!

' Rebecca Budig: She skated as a kid, but she assures you that gives her no advantage. Find out how she's juggling acting and skating, who she thinks her biggest competition is, and why she wants to make her sister jealous.

For the French leg, Surya Bonaly, Philippe Candeloro, and Sarah Abitbol and Stephane Bernadis have joined the cast.

Prior to going to France to oversee their rehearsals with the cast, Lambert flew to Bonaly's home base in Las Vegas to put together her individual routines.

She directed, produced and skated in a show at Boston Harbor during the 2014 U. This past Sunday marked the series finale for , which was won by Ray Quinn and Maria Filippov.

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