Redneck women dating

Above all, we can do any work that a man can do,,, but chooses not to, because men can have those jobs. I know how to carry myself and know that if ever need be I can put on a ball gown and knock my man dead with my sexiness and class. I have one Degree and am getting a second-Do you listen to country music?

I continue to try at things to make it work, Fault of a redneck woman - too independant for her own good, and finds it difficult to allow a man to do things for here. I two step, and I love a classy country girl in tight jeans who doesn't mind getting dirty, can cook, and knows how to take care of her family. To me there is two types of Rednecks, 1) the hard working, pick up driving, plays hard, strong outoorsy type. My favorite are the hits from the early 80's to 90's-Do you watch professional wrestling?

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With the duck calling business making them millionaires before they were famous, the recent explosion of attention - Duck Dynasty draws almost 12 million viewers for A&E, making it the second most watched cable show of all time - has not affect the down to earth clan.

Also, while he claims to have been the Duck Commander's first employee helping his father out as a child, Alan left the family business behind to work in the family's other main interest - God - as a Christian pastor.

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Talking to others who have like minded interests is a great way to come up with ideas to do on a first date.

No but snake and frog legs are delicous-Do you say y'all on a regular basis?

Tried to stop but I cant and its great with the southern accent-Do you wear a Fox Racing (in the south) or Polaris/Ski Doo (in the north) jacket? Not to mention as you can tell I answered yes to a few...that make me a redneck and undatable?

I live in a duplex, and not materialistic, I value our environment, in all aspects, I enjoy wearing dresses and like to be barefoot, just not pregnant. I like to be intimate with potential others, and prefer clean shaven men, with short hair. and 2) the Rustic, yokel, inbred, backwards, nosepickin,banjo playing hillbillies looking for a cement pond to bathe in and has a pumpkin on the porch that has more teeth then their spouse. nearly edible looking, and cracker barrel wait staff are easily tricked by the cooks into taking bites. Not really into this one-Do you have a hubcap collection (or Elvis plates, or precious moments figurines)?

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