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Bryan is the first person Sandra has been linked to since she finalized her divorce from Jesse James back in June 2010, and Bryan has never been married, so "it's definitely something he wants." Before things get even more serious, get to know Bryan with these fun facts.Sandra Bullock made the guest list for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s exclusive wedding — with a plus-one!

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The Oscar winner, who adopted her second child this year, also marked 2016 with a budding romance.

By summer's end, photographers had captured and sources had confirmed that she and the professional photographer were quickly becoming one of Hollywood's most intriguing new pairs. She is an A-list actress raising two kids also on her own.

"They had a great chemistry from day one," an on-set source tells E! "They really clicked with one another and you could tell a great friendship developing...

I actually think they took a cooking class together at one point.

“Sandra is with Louis every day,” says a Bullock source.

“And she looks terrific naked.” The longtime pals – they even vacation together with spouses Jesse James, 40, and Scarlett Johansson, 24 – let it all hang out in the romantic comedy, out June 19, in which they play a boss from hell and her long-suffering assistant whose relationship changes when she schemes to avoid deportation to her native Canada. Bullock: The person I met years ago [through a friend] is the same person sitting next to me now. Bullock, 44, and Reynolds, 32, sat down with PEOPLE to laugh about the movie, each other and about baring it all. But not a damn thing has changed, other than that his bikes get more expensive. As of late May, sources confirmed the couple was still "very much in love" and spending ample time together.With family expectations of a possible engagement by the end of 2016, it seems these two have their eyes set on forever.“They were very affectionate,” says the wedding source.

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