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Although much of The xx’s personal lives remain shrouded in mystery, Croft has been out publicly ever since conducting a joint interview with a then-girlfriend in 2010.“It’s not something I really talk about,” Croft told the website After Ellen in 2012. But if I was singing about a guy, I would probably be singing a similar kind of love song, really.

Picking out single-note riffs on a chiming Les Paul, Madley Croft sang yearning lyrics in a breathy whisper (“You don’t move slow / taking steps in my direction”) while Sim, plucking widely spaced bass notes, answered in a velvety baritone (“You say I’m foolish / for pushing this aside”).

The songs were as intimate as pillow talk—murmuring and sighing against an almost silent background—but the two singers stood separated by the d.j.

Romy Madley Croft, one-third of the British indie rock band with Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith, announced her engagement to designer Hannah Marshall on Instagram on Monday.

“Last night, a very special person asked me a very beautiful question,” Croft wrote. ” She followed the announcement with emojis representing an engagement ring and six double hearts.

late March, the xx, a band that ordinarily appears at ten-thousand-seat arenas, played a ten-night “residency” at the Park Avenue Armory, performing for just a few dozen people at a time.

Open to the public for fifty-five dollars a ticket, the shows also drew the musicians Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Madonna, as well as the filmmakers Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach.I've always been incredibly sensitive and emotional, but it wasn't until my current relationship that I realized these are my strengths, and I found someone that is equally so.” News of the engagement comes as The xx is gearing up for the release of its third studio album, debut, performing “On Hold” and another new song, “I Dare You,” inside legendary Studio 8H. 8 in Stockholm and returns home for a run of mostly sold-out dates in the U. So far, no North American dates have been announced.The band’s full itinerary can be found on its website.For a generation reared on the calculated bombast of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, the album seemed like a refreshingly honest account of first love, and the band itself, appealingly shy Britons, like a relief from exhibitionism and boastfulness.The album, released by a small label called Young Turks, sold more than a million copies and won the Mercury Prize, the most prestigious award in the U. For their second album, “Coexist,” the band members—after two years of non-stop touring—sequestered themselves for six months in a makeshift recording studio in a candlelit London attic draped with black velvet. Baeble Bae Alert is ready to bring the underdogs to the light, the secret hotties in hiding (ignore that one post we did on Matthew Healy).

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