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In Cape Fear, Max jumped to the top of the list to get the last superhero cape of the year from the Hero League after taking the blame for Phoebe sneaking out and saving the world. Colosso to receive his Villain of the Decade award at the Villain League headquarters but Colosso turned against him and had him captured by King Crab. Max started taking his dark side more seriously in Phoebe vs.Unfortunately, he blew his chance by attacking President Kickbutt when Phoebe and Dr. Max: The Sequel when Dark Mayhem called him and asked him to start committing crimes and keep a chronicle.Eventually, Max had to make a tough choice between being a hero and a villain.

He helped the girls steal his band's equipment but later realized that his friends cared about him.

He tried to defend them but the girls beat him up until Phoebe came to save him.

When Noah Lawson arrived in Summer Bay we learned he’d been through a troubled childhood before his mother was admitted to a mental institution, but despite that he became a local counsellor and managed the Summer Bay drop in centre for teens.

He fell in love with Hayley Smith and it’s fair to say they had a rather tumultuous relationship but after reconciling multiple times they eventually married.

Generally, Max doesn't like to get involved in school activities except when he wants to prank someone, mess with Phoebe or avenge Phoebe.

For this reason, he always finds himself in trouble with Principal Bradford who crowned him "public school enemy number 1" because of his pranks.

Even though I was 99% sure it would be Casey departing the show it didn’t make it any easier to watch and those damned tears started flowing.

So as we wave goodbye to another Braxton brother we take a moment to reflect on the most shocking murders on Home and Away to date.

Colosso, who used to help coach Max to embrace the dark side.

Max attends Hiddenville High School along with his sister, Phoebe.

When Sarah Lewis escaped a psychiatric hospital and started terrorising the residents of Summer Bay, desperate to avenge the death of her boyfriend Felix, it was obvious something was about to go down.

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