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To the shock of both their exes, they then started a relationship. Rula had asked to meet Roger because he’s a vocal activist for Palestine.

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A source had told us of Waters and the beautiful Jebreal’s relationship, “It is the talk of the Hamptons, and some people are calling them the ‘Palestinian power couple.’ One can only imagine the pillow talk.” But another source now tells us, “It was over as quickly as it began — while they agreed on many issues, they couldn’t find common ground on others.

Plus, their families didn’t get along.” Ironically, Jebreal and Waters got to know each other after they were introduced by his ex-wife Durning and Jebreal’s now-ex-husband, biotech entrepreneur Arthur Altschul Jr.

Months after splitting with wife number four Laurie Dunning, he seems to have found love again – with someone who seems to share his disdain for Israel.

After reportedly beginning an affair with her behind the back of her Jewish husband – who was also his pal.

They were all friends.” The source continued, “But after Roger split with his wife, he began an affair with Rula.

Arthur found out, and their marriage ended.” Reps for both Waters and Jebreal didn’t get back to us.He has likened Israeli treatment of Palestinians to apartheid South Africa, sparking criticism from the pro-Israel lobby.Likewise, Jebreal is an articulate critic of Israel and has written three books, including “Miral,” about women caught in the crossfire of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which was made into a movie by her ex Julian Schnabel. It is not anybody’s business.” Waters’ rep declined to comment.Waters, 73, and Jebreal, 43, had been dating for a few months earlier this year, in the aftermath of Waters’ split with his fourth wife, Laurie Durning, Page Six exclusively revealed.Their relationship became the talk of the Hamptons — where Waters owns two homes — because both are outspoken supporters of Palestinian rights.Jebreal and Waters were introduced around five years ago by Durning and Jebreal’s husband, biotech entrepreneur Arthur Altschul Jr., from whom she is now separated.

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