Sagittarius woman dating a sagittarius

The Sagittarius Woman maintains considerable faith that there are far greater things to come in one’s future.

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Her humanitarian nature and amiable personality are so appealing, you sometimes wish you could hug her and bottle up her enthusiastic attitude!

But do you think you can also handle the secret, wild, animalistic side of the Sagittarius Woman?

While this might be a nice notion, she must discover meaning within herself before real happiness is possible.

No one ever said the Sagittarius Woman is graceful, and for the bedroom, she might come across is downright clumsy.

If the planetary influence is positive in the Sagittarian Woman’s natal chart, she will have an abundant, healthy, prosperous life, but if the planet is afflicted, its energies turn unfavorable and can cause a taste for the extravagant or extreme and careless behaviors, particularly in the realm of spending.

For the Sagittarius Woman, falling in love with someone else is all too easy.

If she does not confess her feelings immediately, you may find her stumbling about to keep from her secret feelings from being discovered.

Much to her detriment this is a waste of time because her feelings of love will still be detectable no matter how hard she tries to keep them in check.

There is no question she has a beautiful heart and soul…

and she has a smile that could melt a man of steel.

Your Sagittarius Woman craves human touch and interaction, so she will need plenty of attention to keep her happy.

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