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Born and raised in Corsica, Doré grew up with dreams of illustrating for Disney.Her first job was as a film publicist, but she eventually ditched that to seek out small illustrative commissions from magazines.Her next post, like those of most Fashion Week bloggers, depends on endless hours of camping out at the right time and spot.

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"But if both Scott and I have a good picture of the same girl, we'll both post it.

We share some readers, and some readers aren't the same."But all would agree that being a blogger is both liberating and not.

But that's not to say she hasn't extended her reach beyond the Web.

Personal style is fashion's toptrading currency of the moment.

Garance currently gets approximately 70,000 hits per day on her site.

Through Garance's blog she has worked with several companies and designers.She wanted to do something more free and spontaneous, so she started publishing a few drawings and began adding little texts. She shoots them in the street or around the shows during fashion weeks.It is a way for her to further express what she likes in fashion.Still, even that proved too restrictive, and she craved communication with people looking at her work. is now four years old, nearly ancient in Internet years. She initially posted her illustrations and welcomed reader comments. "Four years ago, to have a blog meant you had no life." Now it receives 70,000 hits per day, many of those by the very women she photographs, hoping they made the cut.While her blogger status now seems enviably prescient, at the time she wasn't particularly proud of it. Her entrée into the fashion world "happened very organically," she explains."And then I don't have time to shop, prepare, and I end up throwing everything in a case and going to the airport."In short, while she's been heralded for her own quirky French style by fellow bloggers and editors, she doesn't see herself appearing as tucked and specific as some of the ladies she captures. I loved the Céline clogs because they were a little bit heavy, but you could run around in them." Being able to run around is of the utmost importance to her. I am a working woman, and I love that there is a fashion that understands me."Yet for as many times as the camera is turned on her, Doré still views herself as an outsider.

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