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Do you think she needs your constant attention and support and do you love giving it to her? A savior complex is when you ride in as a white knight in shining armor to save the troubled girl from her otherwise horrible fate.

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You may think that you are being this wonderful kind man, but actually it's you who are being the needy one.

A savior complex is more about you than about her and is a subtle way of exercising control and making someone dependent on you.

The well intentioned desire to save someone is not altruistic but is in fact selfish and needy.

It is a form of control and a subtle way to attempt to make someone else dependent on you.

Emotional issues are naturally going to arise in any relationship.

When they do you will have to talk them over and work through them. It would be great to have a girl who is 100% baggage free and completely emotionally stable and secure, but this is unrealistic.The only person who can ever save someone is themselves.One of the main problems with trying to be a savior is that it puts you into the category of nice guy.If you ever catch yourself trying to act the savior then you need to give yourself a slap.It's a horrible thing that can make your life hell and, even if it was a good thing, it never works.They will help you get to know your girl on a deeper level and as you work through them they can help bring you closer together as a couple. So while some degree of baggage is inevitable, it should still be a necessary inconvenience.

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