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These people are more or less arrogant depending upon otheraspects in the chart, so if you want to impress them and be on their side, build theiregos.

With Aquarius-Libra on the Descendant, there will be temptation of rebellion with thepartner because of the tendency to be too individualistic.

If they have mates as individualistic andenthused about a number of things as they are, they will work together as a team andwill not be pulling against each other.

If they are friends as well as married lovers, itwill work beautifully.

The native bears tule with a high hand, andis successful over his enemies.

Physical Qualities: Leo gives an average stature; broad chest; strong, broadshoulders; an upright walk, springy in youth; a cheerful, clear expression; fearlesseyes, generally of a blue or pale grey tint, sometimes green; light-colored, sparse,wavy hair.

However, with the Librainfluence here they will not want to argue and will want to preserve peace.

If thisenergy is used in artistic creativity by both partners, it will alleviate the need toargue.

They are determined to express themselves wherever they see fit,and they will sometimes enter into and dominate a situation without being invited.

With Aquarius on the 7th house cusp, in partnerships Leos like to be free.

This prevents the periodof youth from being exactly what he would like it to be.

He will nevertheless attain toa higher position than his father.(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker)While Leos project themselves with dignity, energy and will, they are at times abruptand overbearing.

They will attract mates who are veryindependent or who have been or will become friends.

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