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You said, "Hello, stranger." PORTMAN: What a floozy! So I said with a slight sneer, "Please, just drop us at the hospital." PORTMAN: Show me the sneer. I think he thought there'd be paperwork, that he'd be held responsible. They stare at each other for a while DAN: Come here.

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If you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line.

PORTMAN: Did your mother cut off your crust when you were a little boy?

I've never been photographed by a professional before.

ALICE: We don't want him here while we're working, do we?

DAN: It's the London the tourists never get to see.

PORTMAN: They're all people who died saving the lives of others. My mother's dead; my father and I came here the afternoon she died. DAN: Well, I had dreams of being a writer, but I had no voice. DAN: How do your strangers feel about you stealing their loves? ANNA: Don't raise your eyebrows, it makes you look smug. ANNA: I think you're the victim of a practical joke. LARRY: Where were you between the hours of and 7 PM?

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