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It would not seem opportune if the idea -- as Pope Francis makes clear -- is to prevent them from being given "overly clear and distinct ideas" and "limits and criteria that are rigidly defined" that "set aside concrete situations" in which they will be ministering.

Seminarians should be prepared in and for the culture and place where they will be ministering. Paul, Minn., will be sending 15 of its students to reside at the Pontifical Irish College for study abroad. John Vianney is the pre-theology seminary for the St. Previously, these college seminarians had the option of doing a semester in Rome, but with lay students at the Bernardi Campus of the University of St Thomas where they normally study.

Obviously, this would mean that he cannot be involved in any exclusive relationships so as to allow him to explore the possibility of a life of celibacy.

Q: Is a seminarian required to attend Borromeo for four years?

Studies abroad might better be undertaken some years after ordination and service at home. Paul-Minneapolis archdiocese but it educates seminarians from 19 U. The move seems to be aimed at keeping the pre-theology candidates for future priestly ministry separated from other baptized faithful who are not discerning the call.

This has usually been a moved at "protecting" a fledgling vocation, but has also served to form attitudes of belonging to separated, clerical caste.

And this would open up the possibility to either embark on a more profound journey of Christian faith marked by personal responsibility and careful discernment, or seek refuge in a clear-cut, rule-based ecclesial institution where one pretends everything is simply black and white.

Pope Francis prompted me to recall all this by some important remarks he made on seminary formation while speaking privately last month in Poland with a group of fellow Jesuits.Rather, he likely sees it as the only way to prompt a more important and urgent discussion on the nature of seminary formation.He has already begun to speak of the possibility of creating an apprenticeship model of preparing future priests where candidates would live in parishes or other pastoral settings -- rather than in seminaries, which are still modeled on a monastic schedule and enclosure -- while taking their courses in nearby universities. Too many people have vested interests to bolster the status quo.The second has to do with the suitability of carrying out that preparation (priestly formation) in Rome.Recently, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin made headlines throughout the universal church when he declared that he was removing his seminarians from his country's national seminary, St Patrick's College at Maynooth, and sending them to Pontifical Irish Seminary in Rome.Then later it would become apparent to all of us that, indeed, many people did sometimes lose their heads (at least figuratively speaking) in this ancient city of saints and sinners.

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