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For most reasonable human beings, this should be a concerning spectacle, as most humans have accrued at least a few skeletons in their closets during their lifetimes.

The climate today now has many men and women alike wondering if their sexual improprieties will crawl out of the woodwork and lead to the loss of their careers and jobs.

But as reports of sexual misconduct accusations rippling and ricocheting across Hollywood and Washington become an almost daily event, it seems the troubling rhetoric of the Me Too movement has gotten rather out of hand, infecting the political and corporate world with a strange brand of witch hunting neo-puritanism that colors men as predators and women as victims in need of swift protection.

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Might #Me Too backfire and result in I can’t help but wonder what will arrive next in the wake of this crusade, though in all honestly I needn’t to wonder too long.

It strikes me as no coincidence that the desired targets of Me Too have been the usual suspects: powerful males.

It’s satisfying to see a rich, powerful hypocrite brought down a notch over his lecherous buffoonery.

Predation enjoying impunity due to its power, status, or political hypocrisy is something most sensible people can find common ground to stand against.

People are losing their jobs and being defamed, in some cases over allegations made by faceless sources.

Decades of activism have lead us to this moment of vindication for feminists who have long insisted upon and decried the ubiquity of “rape culture.” But rest assured there will likely be a reckoning for the hysteria of framing an aggressive flirtation or unwanted touch with grotesque lechery, wanton abuse of power, or even .

Hoffman was beside himself over having to defend against Oliver’s surprise attack indictments.

“The so-called alleged comments that are made are truth now,” Hoffman angrily stated while managing to keep his composure, “and if you try to defend it, you’re guilty.” Oliver remained visibly unsympathetic, sucking the air out of the room for more than thirty minutes as the other guest speakers and audience members remained awkwardly silent, until eventually someone shouted at Oliver to move on.

But not every celebrity with a vagina is on board with the witch hunt.

Actress Kristy Alley irreverently asserted that it’s madness for people to lose their jobs over anonymous allegations. We now live in a country where people lose their jobs when accused of something without proof or trial or in some cases with anonymous accusers? During a Q&A prior to the 20th-anniversary screening of the film comedian and political commentator John Oliver pestered Dustin Hoffman on stage in front of a live audience over recent allegations levied against the actor.

This turmoil all too cozily serves the agenda of extreme feminist politics mewing about the evils of patriarchy’s structural power and dominance.

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