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Magnotta is well known among animal activists, who have put together an online portfolio accusing him of being a torturer of cats and kittens.A 2007 article under his name talks about mental illness. “One day im normal, the next i cant get out of my bed and then next week I want to conquer the world lol.”A blog posting from January 2012 connected to his name extensively discusses the current whereabouts of Homolka.

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Magnotta was born in Scarborough as Eric Clinton Newman.

It appears he has lived in several places and police say he has adopted several different identities.

In a 2007 newspaper interview, he denied any links to her.

One neighbour, a former actor, called Magnotta the “coldest person you’ve ever met” and recounted how Magnotta asked him how to move from porn into regular acting.

It's the location of some famous attractions on Saint Laurent Street, including Schwartz's Deli (famous for its Montreal smoked meat), and a weekend street fair during the summer that sees extremely crowded streets.

In 1997, Utne Reader rated it one of the 15 "hippest" neighbourhoods in North America ... Beyond this point is only blackness, and perhaps some smart statement about Samsung not infringing our patents.

WARNING: THIS REPORT CONTAINS GRAPHIC DETAILSMONTREAL—As body parts in the heinous, videotaped murder that police attribute to a Toronto-born porn actor lie sealed in plastic at Montreal’s morgue, police have confirmed the victim is the same person the Consulate General of China has identified as missing.

The investigation took on international dimensions Thursday as police sought the help of Interpol to find Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, who is believed to have fled to France.

There is no shortage of material about Magnotta both online and off, much of it impossible to authenticate. There are also mentions that raise questions about mental illness and possible links to notorious sex killer Karla Homolka.

A few years ago Magnotta tried out for a Canadian gay reality TV show called Cover Guy.

In posing for Toronto gay magazine Fab when he was 22, he tells the magazine he wanted to be a police officer.

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