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At night, the car park is filled with cars flashing their lights as dozens congregate, apparently unimpeded by police.

Gwynne says there are no absolute figures given the furtive nature of this proclivity.

But based on detailed research, he believes at least one per cent of adult men may have sexual interest in minors. The number I would put on it is 750,000 men in this country.’The disturbing data is based upon academic evidence and current consensus among experts.

The request asked if the county force had given out food and drink at public sex sites as part of their strategy of policing these sites.

The reply was ‘yes’, it had ‘provided teas and coffees to all members of society using the area for various reasons’.

The force were also asked how many public sex or cruising sites they were aware of in Surrey.

The answer came back with estimates of 19 in Guildford, six in Waverley, nine in Woking, eight in both Elmbridge and Mole Valley — 50 in all.

’If local forces patrolled known sites regularly, they would catch men and women indecently exposing themselves, and could impose on-the-spot fines.

They are quick enough to fine any motorist caught parked on a double yellow line.

The shocking figures come from estimates based on academic research and the best available evidence from other sources.

They indicate that between one and three per cent of males have paedophilic tendencies, and match figures from other countries in Europe. One expert dealing with paedophiles estimated from his experiences that about half of such men recognise the dangers and want help controlling their urges.

In fact, I come across men seeking partners for sex in these woods more and more often.

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