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Four days later, the Yankees’ top prospect had the surgery.

Torres said he had the wind knocked out of him Friday, but was more annoyed he didn’t make the play.

For the most part, Florida allows local cities and counties to create their list of sex offender do's and don’ts, a process that has led to some of the strictest sex offender laws in the country.

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The woman was stabbed several times during the struggle.

She was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta where she underwent surgery Monday and remained in serious but stable condition Tuesday, Hunton said. Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison said Lee and the woman went to the same high school about 20 years ago and apparently lost touch through the years. Garrison said investigators are waiting for the results of toxicology tests that he believes could show Lee was on drugs — perhaps methamphetamine.

A woman who was raped and beaten by an old acquaintance fought back, stabbing her attacker to death when he threatened to rape her 6-year-old daughter.

Deputies arrived at the woman's Cherokee County home Sunday night to find Gerald A. The woman, whose name is being withheld because she was the victim of a sexual assault, told police Lee broke into the house wearing a ski mask and carrying a shotgun. Ron Hunton with the Cherokee County Police said Lee beat the woman with the gun and raped her, then told her that he would move on to her daughter next.

At one point, the attacker threw a pot of boiling tea from the stove on her, Hunton said.

During the fight, Lee went out the back door and then re-entered the house by breaking a window, Hunton said.

He had locked the daughter in the closet of the room where he raped the woman. When Lee began rummaging through the woman's purse, she ran to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife.

She fought with Lee, stabbing him several times, Hunton said.

The state has a patchwork of varying restrictions for sex offenders, and what an offender can and can’t do is determined not by his or her offense but by the date of the offense.

For example, a convicted child molester who committed the crime in 2007 can’t go within 1,000 feet of a public swimming pool, but a molester with a 2005 offense date can hang around pools and libraries and even churches with the full support of the law.

Florida’s laws are much less fractured but still a far cry from uniform.

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