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Investigators say staff found a cellphone in the victim's room and confiscated it. She is also accused of buying the victim that cellphone.They say that phone had explicit text messages between the victim and his teacher.

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The footballer wrote at the time: 'Heaven on earth? I've a house there and it's an island with everything.

'The weather's pretty good year-round, the beaches are fabulous and it's a great place to take my four sons.

A special education teacher in Pennsylvania has been fired from her job after being accused of having sex with a student.

Jordan Ondish, 24, was arrested after another teacher found explicit text messages between her and the alleged victim on a student's phone.

The sportsman was tweeted by a member of the public to ask how the 56-year-old was feeling in light of the well-publicised leak, which revealed Prince Charles and Shakira among the dozens of celebrities making use of offshore accounts.

Michael Leach asked: ‘I wonder if Gary Lineker is sleeping soundly with the release of the Paradise Papers? I rather doubt I’ll be mentioned as I happily pay my taxes.

You know, I really can't think of a better place to have a holiday home than Barbados.' The issue of giving tax breaks to foreigners is provoking concern in Barbados, with the country in the midst of an economic crisis.

Lineker was a director of a company called Goalhanger Inc – an apparent reference to his football career, when he was a striker for clubs including Barcelona, Tottenham and Leicester.

Under Barbados law, if a home has been bought by an individual or a local company, when it is sold they are liable to pay 1 per cent stamp duty and 2.5 per cent in transfer taxes – amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds for the most expensive properties.

Until 2007, there were also restrictions on how much money from a property sale could be taken out of the country in one go.

They said the sale had been declared to HMRC and all taxes due in the UK and abroad on the sale of the company had been paid in full.

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